Make it a practice to do everything — DELIBERATELY!

When an expenditure of time is used on something or someone, we place value and importance on that thing or someone. What if, however, we lack clarity, and a true sense of our real purpose. What if our thinking is askew? Would time have been wasted on the thing or someone after gaining clarity and purpose? We are unable to redeem time but we can learn from past experiences by not repeating them and thus, saving time to use wisely and purposefully. I’m all about no regrets and moving upWard.

Turn within, to the compass of your soul for divine guidance to know without any doubt you are living life with ‘the” purpose you were meant to live it. Be intentional, thereafter, about how you spend time, resources and energy. Begin to live with purpose. You will begin to have more fun than you can imagine because you will discover, “It’s not about me, at all.”

Hugging life with love…

Living Purposefully

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