“It was nice of you to ask, but no thanks!” *full stop*

Busy people are always the ones asked to help when something needs to get done. The ones asking you to pitch in are very much aware of this and ask for your help.

I am almost positive you can think of a few people with whom you are acquainted that are usually resting, relaxing and taking it easy when you manage to return their phone call. You often wonder how they do it. You feel you know how to prioritize your “to do” list and could hold time management seminars because of your organizational skills and how much you manage to squeeze into 24 hours.

These people you have consciously decided not to envy or be jealous of have learned the art of “just saying no!” Below are ten scenarios when you should say “no” when asked to do something:

  1. If you do not have time to take a minimum of 15 minutes to pray, meditate and read something inspirational each morning or whenever your day begins, you’re too busy for sure!
  2. If you do not have time to take 15 minutes during your day for a mini-vacation, you should daydream about being someplace, doing whatever it is that would make you smile and feel happy inside out!
  3. If you do not have the time and energy, desire, or slightest interest in doing what is being asked, then you shouldn’t.
  4. If you have been made to feel no one else can do a better job than you or no one else can do whatever is being asked of you (because you’ve done it for “x” number of years) then it’s time to say no. It’s also someone else’s turn to learn!
  5. It’s definitely time to “say no” if you’re made to feel guilty for saying no or if you feel guilty all on your own for declining the task.
  6. Say “no” when you are not helping the disadvantaged but are helping those who can help themselves, without your assistance.
  7. Say “no” when you do not believe in the cause.
  8. Say “no” if you do not wish to make a political statement or become involved in a controversial issue.
  9. Say “no” to what is asked of you when a loved one has complained about not spending more time with you or when you know you have neglected them.
  10. Say “no” to others because you’re saying “yes” to yourself. Yes, you will take better care of yourself by eliminating the “busy stuff” from your day and do what you absolutely must!

Will it be easy? No. Can you do it? Yes. Will you? It’s up to you. If you need help putting all of it into perspective, ask yourself this question: “If I had six months to live, will I wish I had done what is being asked of me or would it matter?”

Say “Yes” to life savers and “No” to life stealers!


How to Say “No” — Knowing You Should
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