Extracting what’s inside to optimize potential and maximize performance, and I do it well.

I do just what an athletic coach or music teacher does, only in a fuller and deeper way:

  • challenge you to take the time to find out what ‘happiness’ in life means to you.
  • your partner in moving toward the life you most honestly want, personally and professionally.
  • hold you accountable for your life, to make sure you really do live up to your inner most potential.

No matter where you are in life, there is almost always an aspiration to attain something greater; more equanimity, closer relationships, a deeper feeling of connection and contentment in life. It is the nature of people to want to attain something ‘better’, understand our life situation, become more, and we’re all challenged to define what it is we really want and how to create what we’re really looking for.

A good coach takes you in new directions and open new doors that you may not have considered before; personally, professionally, physically and spiritually.

Most people believe that “hard work and doing it on your own” are the keys to finding the life, success, money, or happiness that they seek. They believe that a price must be paid to attain what they want, and often that price is poor health, not having enough time to enjoy life, strained family relationships or lessened productivity. The saddest part is that, even though this effort may result in more of something, it is often not the something you had in mind, and you end up back where you started, or worse, further from your real intentions.

Athletes and performers know about this trap. They know they need someone else, a trained someone else to help them set goals, discover real desires, and effectively move toward final attainment of excellence. So, they are willing to hire a coach or a teacher. No serious athlete or musician would expect to progress very far without one.