Like time, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Have a peek into mine.

One would think learning to meditate would be an extremely difficult task for someone who is constantly in thought. But for me, one who is constantly in thought, it is refreshing to silence my brain and turn things off, therefore, learning to meditate was a no-brainer (pun intended).

There is a section in the footer of my homepage that has AVISisms. I am adding them here since I’ll be replacing them quite often. I wittingly refer to my AVISisms as My Brain Fuzzies. Feel free to use My Brain Fuzzies provided they are quoted verbatim and with credit, such as this little snippet:

“An AVISism by Avis Ward, Life Coach Strategist
For More AVISisms, visit”

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration to this request.

And now, an archive of AVISisms begins:

“Every time you fall (fail), pick yourself up and begin again. Beginning again is a form of success because you did not quit.”

“You build a better you when you invest in yourself. The return on your investment is up to you.”

“You cannot get too comfy floating on cloud 9 when you can walk on the moon.”

“When it’s all said and done, make sure you’ve done more than you’ve said.”

“Push yourself to your limit and discover what you find.”
Hint: You survived outside your comfort zone.

“Embrace change as challenges; not as discouragement and disastrous.”